Are there any environmental benefits to switching to a bidet?

  • Yes there are tonnes! literally. USA uses over 30 billion rolls of toilet paper every year. That's 15 million trees and over 250,000 tonnes of chlorine for bleaching. Please read our 'Environmental Motivations' page for more info.

Do I need to hire a plumber to install my bidet?

  • Hell NO! You can easily install any of our bidets within 10 minutes with no plumbing experience or know how. We provide you with a super simple installation guide so you won't even break a sweat. Being an eco-warrior has never been so easy. 

What is included in the full set package?

Everything you need.

  • Full set includes:
    Stainless steel hose.
    Your chosen sprayer head
    Toilet tank/wall mount. *Two screws*
    Brass, chrome finished  3-way T Adaptor.
    Plumbers teflon tape
  • Dimensions: 
    Hose: 1500mm
    Sprayhead: 120mm * 75mm)
    Wall Bracket: 55mm * 30mm

    Will I still need to wipe after spraying?

    • Honestly it's personal preference, some people like to dry off with a wipe, others drip dry, spend an extra minute scrolling social media maybe?

    Isn't the water the bidet uses bad for the environment?

    • Compared to the 473,587,500,000 (that's billion) gallons of water to produce the toilet paper used in USA every year we think it's pretty insignificant. It's even insignificant compared the the amount of water used to flush the toilet (a bidet uses less an half a litre of water per use, whereas a standard toilet flush is around 13 liters.)
    • What's the deal with the T adaptor

    • The T adaptor is used to connect your bidet hose to your toilet's water supply, it also  controls the water pressure. We ship a worldwide standard 1/2 inch adaptor or a 7/8 inch for our American friends. We'll send the one that matches your shipping address :)  If you find for some reason that our adaptor does not fit send us an email at info@ecobidets.com and we will get the problem fixed for you ASAP. 
    • Is the water cold?

    • The water will be room temperature so depending the temperature of the water will depend on where you live. Regardless, you will find the area of your body where the water sprays is not particularly sensitive to temperature and in fact a cool spray is rather refreshing.

    • How long will it take to process my order?

    • Your order will be shipped 1-2 days after payment is received 

    • Any other questions?

    • Message us on Facebook/Instagram or drop us an email at info@ecobidets.net.nz