Battle Cry

Here at Eco Bidets we are waging war.

We are sick of the status quo when it comes to our toilet procedure. We are sick of the itch, the discomfort, the dirtiness, the expense, the time spent wiping and wiping and wiping over and over again as if there is a brown felt pen in our backside. We are sick of the blood, the pain, and worst of all the absolute silence regarding this issue. WE ARE SICK OF IT ALL. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. 

We exist to bring you an inexpensive, hygienic, comfortable solution to the unfortunate situation of aisle 2 clean up. Suffer in silence no more with a Eco Bidet. Starting at only $69.00 (NZD). That's significantly less than the average household's yearly toilet paper bill.

There are some bidet's that cost hundreds of dollars that are full of features you simply don't need; heated seats, deodorizers, air dryers, 'pulse modes'.. We are not about any of that nonsense. We sell the basic handheld bidet set up, all you'll ever need to clean up after yourself without any of the crap that comes with toilet paper.

Toilet paper is a sub-optimal solution to a dirty problem. It's time to clean it up.