About Us

How We Began and Who We Are 

Cameron Chappell, Founder.

I always thought that wiping with toilet paper was the only way to clean up after dropping a deuce. This was until late 2016 when I went backpacking around South East Asia for 3 months. I was plunged into an entirely different culture from my home country New Zealand. One of these differences was the use of water as a means of cleaning up after using the toilet.
Instead of using toilet paper these wonderful people used a water gun which is lovingly called the 'bum gun'. I developed a fondness for the famed bum gun  which are found mounted next to almost every toilet in SE Asia. I found these delightful sprays of water to be much quicker, more comfortable, and cleaner than wiping with toilet paper.
Now I've been known to not be the quickest guy to do his business on the toilet, my problem has always been that I have to spend so long wiping to get clean, it is as if i'm wiping a felt tip pen. This problem vanished with the bum gun, I was finally free from the treachery of toilet paper. This was a god send.
When I arrived home in New Zealand I knew only one thing.

I wanted a bum gun.

I began researching a bum gun to purchase. I am a methodical sort of person so I wanted to really find out what these things were about before I purchased one myself. I knew through personal experience that they were more effective, efficient, and more comfortable than wiping, but through reading I learned that they were also significantly better for the environment. This really sparked something inside of me. I thought I could share this wonderful product and help many others like me that had issues with toilet paper but were simply unaware of any alternatives, and in doing so, also helping the environment.. Helping people and helping the environment.. That seemed like the perfect thing for me to do, and it still does.

I went on that South East Asia trip in 2016 and here we are in 2018 and Eco Bidets is the result. After trialing many suppliers and many models of sprayers I feel that the collection we have is the optimal mix of inexpensive, elegant and functionally exceptional 'handheld bidets' (slightly more palatable than bum gun), with the highest quality parts that will not leak or break down for a low price. Budget Bidets is a real source of pride for me.

If you want some more information then visit our FAQ's or Environmental Motivations page or our Battle Cry Or check out our blog, Shooting the Sh*t.
If you too have had enough of using toilet paper please go right ahead and buy one of our handheld bidets, you will not regret it. If you'd like a discount, sign up for our emailing list for 5% off. Or better fill out our survey at the top of the homepage for an additional 5% off. Do yourself a favour and join the winning *not wiping* team today.

Remember, everybody poos... but not everybody wipes ;)

Cameron Chappell